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3.89sThe Achilles' heel of the Ronco design is its structural resonance frequency.
2sAllow me.
1.48sThere we go.
2.74sHere it is. The Breakfast Club soundtrack.
1.93sYou mean breakfast club sandwich.
2.94sI hid my seven-leaf clover in this very record jacket...
2.94sso my brother Yancy wouldn't get it.
1.93sHere goes.
2.03sIt's gone!
2.53sThe whole place has been cleaned out!
2.67sYancy stole my clover! That thief!
1.93sHow do you know it didn't disintegrate?
2.3sEverything else in here held up okay.
2.3sExcept Sports by Huey Lewis.
2.72sI don't know why my brother hated me so much.
1.93sOh, brothers always fight.
1.87sI'm sure deep down he loved you.
2.94sHe just never got a chance to say it before you got frozen.