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2.25sThat's right. Did you know Andy Goldman?
2.32sYeah. He was my neighbor. Why?
2.23sI mutated from him!
0.34sGet outta here!
2.24sWhat's Andy up to these days?
1.87sThe short answer is, I'm teaching.
3.27sHe seemed nice. Sure, when he's sober.
3.94sHoly camoly! The house I grew up in! It's still there!
1.93sMan, Father Time...
2.5sreally took a bat to this place.
2.94sThat stupid clover is a worthless piece of garbage!
2.17sGive it, give it, give it!
2sMom! Help!
2.8sYes! Yancy's trying to steal my clover.
3.57sYancy, stealing is wrong.
2.24sI'm gonna pile-drive you! Stop it! Aaah!
2.3sYou're dead meat!
1.73sWhat's happenin' up there?