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0.38sPush, Mrs. Fry. You're almost there.
4sYou can do it, honey. Squeeze one out for America.
2.45sHey, keep it down! It's the ninth inning!
2.44sHere's the 0-2 pitch to Crypool.
2.2sHe's taking all the way for a called strike three.
2.17sSwing the bat, you bum!
3.02sIt's a boy! And look at that red hair!
1.88sYou sayin' my son's a Commie?
2.75sGroady leans into the pitch-- It hits him!
2.05sThe Mets win!
2.9sThis is the happiest day of my life!
2.32sHere's your baby, ma'am. Yeah, okay, thanks.
4.37sSo, what shall we name him? Ehh, You pick. I picked dinner last night.
3.3sI was thinkin' of Philip, after those screwdrivers.
3.64sThat's a fantastic idea. More morphine, please.
2.49sLook, Yancy, it's your baby brother Philip.
4.81sI wanna be named Philip! Me Philip! Me Philip!
2.05sSon, your name is Yancy,