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1.82sHey, yeah, maybe it is still there,
2.67sunderground in the ruins of Old New York...
1.68shelping some ant defeat another ant,
2.44sor helping some piece of dirt turn its luck around.
2.08sDirt doesn't need luck.
2.77sI'm going down there to get my clover back.
3.67sSome of the tunnels have metal bars, so I'll need someone who's good at bending.
1.87sLeela, how about you? Sure, I'll do it.
2.67sLike hell you will! Bending's my middle name.
0.38sIt is?
3.4sMy full name is Bender Bending Rodriguez.
1.72sHere's the entrance.
3.54sFrom this moment on, I declare my bad luck officially over.
2.71sHe was fun.
2.4sWell, if we get bored looking for the clover,