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2.93s"Philip Fry, The Original Martian."
2.37sIt's all lies, every word of it.
2.75sHe wasn't original. He wasn't a Martian. He wasn't Philip Fry.
2.34sAnd since when is he a "The"?
2.32sYou're twice the "The" he ever was.
2sIt's clovering time.
2.94sSo, had any ideas for names, Yancy?
2.6sUh, I'm sorta thinking of one.
3.84sDaddy has a present for you today. Do you know what it is?
3.3sIt's a lucky clover that can help you be successful, whatever you do.
1.9sEven break dancing.
2.84sAnd it once belonged to someone very special.
3.15sI know what name you want to give him, Yancy. It's okay.
2.92sSon, I'm naming you Philip J. Fry,