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2.83sin the bathroom of the mansion he had won in a lottery.
2.82sThat's my clover! Yancy stole it!
3.5sAfter a whirlwind fling with Icelandic supermodel Njord,
3.99sFry scored a string of top-ten hits with his rock band Leaf Seven,
3.34sknown for their hypnotic rhythms, driving bass lines and memorable hooks.
1.23sThat's what I'm known for!
3.55sPhil came in, right? He strummed out this tune, yeah?
2.27sAnd I said, "That's a number-one record."
3.2sToday, Fry spends most of his time in his grave...
2.47sat Orbiting Meadows National Cemetery,
2.42sburied with the trademark seven-leaf clover...
3.77sthat will bring him luck in the next life, perhaps, some Egyptians believe.
1.69sSo that's where my clover is.
2.17sHey, is that orbiting cemetery near here?
1.94sIt will be in a couple hours.
3.75sGood. Leela, Bender, we're going grave robbing.