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3.49sAnd on movie night, I run the projector.
2.77sOnly PG. Nothing R.
2.62sHOMER: I couldn't believe my eye.
3.79sShe was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen.
2.97s(CHUCKLING NERVOUSLY) Until I met your mother,
3.27swho made that girl look like a Godzilla made of garbage!
2.07sHomer, that girl was me!
2.59s(ALL GASPING) How romantic.
4.07sYou and Dad were drawn to each other as kids and you didn't even realize it!
3.65sYes. And then your father broke my heart.
3.74sAnd if I'd known it was you, I never would have married you.
4.29sOh, this is so confusing! I'd like a brief recess.
2.59sGranted. (BANGS GAVEL) Whee! Recess!