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2.2sHomie, I know this shouldn't bother me,
2.94sbut a girl only has one first love.
3.45s(SIGHING) I guess it didn't mean that much to you.
1.62sThat's not true!
4.27sI thought about that girl every day of my life until I met you.
3.37sI wish there was some way I could believe that.
2.8sAll right. This is my memory box.
2.62sI haven't opened it in 30 years.
2.22sOoh! A letter from my old pen pal.
2.5sSomeday I'll write you back, Osama.
2.03sAh! Here's what I'm looking for.
3.67sOh, Homie! You did care!
1.05sI sure did.
3.4sI kept it right next to my IBM stocking.
2.54sI kept my heart, too.
3.3sBecause somehow you realized I was a good guy after all?
3.77sNo. As a reminder of the hurtful things men can do.