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2.08sGood, Chris. I've taught you well.
1.6sYou've got the right instincts.
2.3sWhen you were babies, I used to knock you kids out every month or so.
2.37sSometimes by accident, sometimes when the Patriots lost.
2.37sYou just gotta cover it up, and eventually it all works out.
1.58sMeg, this is a list of hats.
1.07sI need these by 4:00.
1.5sGood idea.
2.84sOne of those hats would have helped him at the park today.
2.23sChris, did you put a coonskin cap on Stewie?
1.13sNo, why?
3.77s(LAUGHS) They look like little robbers.
6.29sHey, good evening, everyone, and welcome to the first taping of CBS's new hit comedy, Class Holes!
3.34s(ALL CHEERING) Wait a minute. That's not the title.
1.73sIt's called What I Learned on Jefferson Street.
1.73sYeah, it didn't make a lot of sense,
1.83snow that he lives on Boner Street.
1.73sAnd action!