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5.29sIt's not supposed to be funny. It's a serious drama about a single father raising his four-year-old daughter.
1.87sOh, right. That's the other thing.
2.27sNow, this is just a thought, but we're doing it.
1.63s- She's 18. - What?
2.67sIt was James Woods' idea and we thought it was just the right hook.
1.63sI mean, how great is that?
3.37sA father and a daughter, both in college together?
2.19sHey, do you guys think this outfit is too revealing?
2.92sWhat do you think, Brian? I mean, what do you think of the ta-tas?
2.07sCan we do better? I think we can do better, right?
5.07sLook, they are getting a lot of support from the undergarments and naked they would be, like,
1.63smucho sloppy.
2.1sOkay? Like taco Joe here, bro.
1.4sI mean, I'm just... Like, I mean,
2.24snaked they'd be running away from each other, okay?
1.33sI don't...
0.97sI don't think they are playing for the same team.
1.37sWho is this? Where'd you get this girl?
2.47sOh, by the way, I need a chimp sidekick.
1.47sMaybe we should take him to the hospital.
4.27sI think the maggots have evolved to the point that they've developed space travel.
4.24s(MAGGOTS CHEERING) We just gotta clean the wound, Meg.