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1.23sThat's our Byron.
1.7sGreat. Then we're good to go. Absolutely.
1.83sTotally. So, we're done.
1.98sLook, since we're playing with house money,
2.27swe do have one more guy.
1.17sWhat? Oh, don't worry.
1.57sHe's not Byron.
2sSomebody upstairs threw out a name, got real excited about it,
1.67sso we're just playing the game.
2.17sOkay, so who?
1.77sHey, what's up, douche bags?
2.1sI'm here to audition for this stupid pilot.
3.67s(ALL LAUGHING) James Woods?
1.42sThanks for coming in, Jimmy.
1.47sDo you need a copy of the scene?
1.07sNah, I got it memorized.
1.7sJust like your wife's phone number.
3.1s(ALL LAUGHING) No, he didn't!
1.48sI do, though. I have it memorized.
1.72sWait a second. I don't want this guy anywhere near this show!
2sHe's been harassing my family for years!