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2.34sand it's our job to bring that gold to the screen.
2.3sSo, what do you say we get this casting session started?
0.67sLet's do it.
1.7s- All right! - Yeah!
6.36s(BRIAN BARKING) Okay, now obviously, we love Elijah Wood for the part of Byron as much as you do.
1.87sThe audition is just a formality.
1.4sLet's bring him in.
1.25sHi, everyone.
1.43sHey, Elijah.
2.22sSo should I just jump into this?
1.33sWhenever you're ready.
1.63sOkay, I'll read you in, Elijah.
6.04sNow, this is the scene where Byron's professor fails him for missing the chemistry midterm to take his daughter to the doctor.
3.64s"I'm sorry, Byron, missing the midterm is an automatic failure."
2.63sGo ahead, Professor Watkins, fail me if you want.
1.4sGive me an "F" on the exam.