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3.6sbut at this point I almost think we should just cut him up and flush him down the toilet.
1.47sOh, not too much chicken for me, Lois.
3.94sI've gotta save my appetite for all that studio commissary food tomorrow.
1.97sYou know what would be a great idea for a TV show?
5.54sA sitcom about former major league pitchers Phil and Joe Niekro enjoying their retirement years.
2.3sYou'd call it Those Lazy Niekros.
3.37sKids, what is taking so long? Dinner's ready.
3.54sOh, look at my little cowboy.
2.84sCome on, Stewie, up in your high chair.
2.4sBoy, he must be starving.
1.97sYep, he's really chowing down.
2sHey, how's the food, Stewie?
3.97s(IN BRITISH ACCENT) Blimey, it's right delicious, I do declare.
2.75sBrian, have you decided who's gonna star in your show?
1.72sWell, it's a tough role.
5.27sI mean, Byron is a 25-year-old single father going back to finish college so he can do right by his four-year-old daughter.
3.97sSo it's got to be somebody who can project a certain amount of world-wizened sophistication,