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1.9sOh, don't worry, Mom, we'll bring him down.
2.97sAnything I can do to make your life a little easier.
3.3sWell, you could always grab the vacuum and clean up the living room floor.
1.6sOh, sure, I'll take care of that.
2.57sAre you running off to your job?
1.9sYeah. Okay.
2.1sWe'll bring him down, Mom.
1.4sAll right. We've got to take him down to dinner.
1.77sI think he's okay to travel.
1.17sI know we're not gonna do this,
3.6sbut at this point I almost think we should just cut him up and flush him down the toilet.
1.47sOh, not too much chicken for me, Lois.
3.94sI've gotta save my appetite for all that studio commissary food tomorrow.
1.97sYou know what would be a great idea for a TV show?
5.54sA sitcom about former major league pitchers Phil and Joe Niekro enjoying their retirement years.
2.3sYou'd call it Those Lazy Niekros.
3.37sKids, what is taking so long? Dinner's ready.