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1.72sOh, my God,
1.47sI felt like Hitler just then.
1.32sWhat? It was a joke.
2.17sI just said I felt like Hitler.
2.55sWhat? Nobody here's Jewish, right?
2.84sGee, I don't know. Are you Jewish, Gordon?
2.65sI don't know, Jeremy, are you?
2.6sI had no idea. I'm sorry.
0.83sHey, Brian.
8.06sWe're both Italian. (LAUGHS) - You're in. (SIGHS) (ALL LAUGHING) That's a good one. That's a good one.
2.54sChris, I'm worried. Stewie's still unconscious.
1.73sMaybe he's just sleeping.
0.88sIs Stewie in here?
2sWell, can you give him to me? It's time for his dinner.
1.9sOh, don't worry, Mom, we'll bring him down.
2.97sAnything I can do to make your life a little easier.
3.3sWell, you could always grab the vacuum and clean up the living room floor.
1.6sOh, sure, I'll take care of that.
2.57sAre you running off to your job?