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1.73sAll right, damn it!
1.93sSo, have you read the script yet?
2.67sOh, I'm sorry, Brian, I haven't gotten around to it.
2.4sWhy not now, you know? Just get it off your plate.
1.23sOh, gosh, you know what?
2.17sI don't even know what I did with the copy that you gave...
1.9sOh, fuck! There it is.
1.37sHey, you know what else would be great?
2.2sWhy don't you put check marks next to scenes you like?
1.35sWell, I don't have a... Here's a pen.
3.27sYou know, I'll just leave it for you right here.
2.1sOkay. Thank you, Brian.
1.63sHey, you know what I'll do to make it even easier?
2.94sI'll just go ahead and place this in your hand.
1.47sThere we are. And now when you go,
1.33s"Oh, where's that crazy pen?"
2.07sWell, there it is.
1.43sIt's in your hand.