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2.07sUh-oh, Rupert, our main blasters are gone.
2.77sLooks like this is a suicide mission.
3.9s(YELLING) Got you! Got you! Got you!
1.47sGot you! Got you!
2.03sStewie, get lost. Daddy's trying to watch the ball game.
2.3sYou can't talk. I've knocked out your communication systems.
1.87sLois, Stewie's making noise.
1.87sAs we speak, I'm boarding your vessel.
2.64sHey, hey, look, Stewie, Rupert wants to go play down in the basement.
1.13s(IN CHILDISH VOICE) "Hey, hey, Stewie,
1.2s"I'm gonna go play down in the basement.
2.54s"Here I go." (HUMMING) What? Why, Rupert?
1.78sWhy do you want to play in the basement?
2.07s"I don't know, I just feel like there might be some fun stuff down there."
1.3sI'm not following your logic.
1.7sAnd why are you talking different than usual?
0.77s"Here I go."
1.72sRupert, get back here.
1.67sOh, there you are.
2.65sWow, look at all the old stuff down here.
1.42sHello, what's this?
1.97s"What I Learned on Jefferson Street.
2.27s"Written by H. Brian Griffin."
2.27s(LAUGHS) Oh, yes.