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1.57sWell, Brian, I'm proud of you.
2.74sYou went in there and you stood up for what you believed in.
2.15sYeah, now I don't have a TV show anymore.
1.72sWho cares about that?
2.24sYou made the right choice for your own integrity,
1.67sand that's what matters.
1.62sWell, I suppose you're right.
2.03sAnd hey, at least I got something on the air.
1.6sI mean, not everyone can say that.
3.79s(CLEARING THROAT) ANNOUNCER: We now return to Big Jaws.
2.44sStop eating our boat, Jaws!
1.57sI'm gonna eat your boat,
1.77sand then I'm gonna eat you guys!
2.87s(ROARING) Oh, my God! What's that?
1.39sIt's Bigger Jaws!
1.99sOh, my God! Now we have a common enemy.
1.37sWe have to work together.
1.22sI already got a sequel in mind.
1.85sIt's called Way Bigger Jaws.
2.54sHey, I just found out it's November!
1.97sWhat the fuck happened?