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2.4sSo, what'd you guys think?
2.2sNot the worst thing in the world, right?
1.4sOh, ha-ha.
1.9sTime for bed, Stewie.
5.02s(HEAD BANGING) So, really, everybody, what'd you think?
1.2sYou want to know what I think?
1.57sWell, yeah.
1sYou son of a bitch!
1.03sOh, my God! It's a travesty!
2sJoe, stop it! And I will kill you!
1.73sYou bastard! Come on. Okay, get him out of here.
1sWe hired a sitter for this!
1.23sGet him out of here. Come on, Joe.
2.47sGuys, keep his anus above his head.
1.28sOkay, okay. All right, all right.
1.63sOkay, careful. Careful, Peter.
1.73sPETER: Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
3sLook, I'm sure you're disappointed, Lois, but it wasn't my fault.
3.24sThere were so many people interfering. Of course it's gonna be bad.
2.3sI'm not disappointed because it was bad.
2.54sI'm disappointed because you sold out.
2.12sYou had something really special there, Brian.
4.04sYou had a vision and you let them change it because you didn't believe in yourself.