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2.32sLois, I wish you hadn't gone through all this trouble.
2.6sAre you kidding? I'm so excited.
1.53sFrom the first time I read that script,
2.14sI just knew it was gonna make it on TV.
1.07sI could see it.
4.67sWell, yeah, I mean, but the real victory is just having a show make it to TV.
1.87sI mean, we almost don't even need to watch.
2.34sHey, what's the cast of Two and a Half Men doing here?
3.4sWell, you're always saying our show sucks. Let's see yours.
3.59sCome on, Peter! Come on, kids! The show's about to start!
2.03sI'm coming. I was just getting Stewie.
2.17sAll right, got the little guy up from his nap.
2.89sSay hello to everyone, Stewie.
1.3sALL: Aw!
2.69sOh, oh, look, everybody. It's starting.
1.9sCHOIR: There was a man
1.62sHe dropped out