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1.23sI've decided I'm leaving.
3sWhat? Leaving? Brian, why?
3.4sWell, you know, I feel like I've sort of run my course here,
3.1sand, you know, besides, there's a whole big world out there,
1.17sand it's time I saw it.
2.9sBut, Brian, you live here. This is your home.
2.43sI know, but I've thought about this long and hard, and...
2.64s(LAUGHS) "Long and hard." I'm sorry.
1.53sBrian, please, please continue.
2.1sThis is just something I have to do.
1.63sWell, where will you go?
3.1sWell, I haven't decided that yet, but I promise I'll be in touch.
2.6s(LAUGHS) Wait. How is that one dirty?
2.34sIt's... I was remembering "long and hard."
3.37sWell, if your mind is made up about this, Brian,
1.6sthen I wish you the best of luck.
2.84sI hope this move won't be a boner for you.