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2.9sHe's not just a delightful new friend for the family.
1.17sHe's your replacement.
1.7sCome on, that's ridiculous.
1.87sYou're getting old, Brian, and they know it.
2.67sYou're no longer the cover girl. Look at Carol Alt.
1.9sThat's what... You're Carol Alt.
1.43sI'm through listening to you.
2.4sFine. Think what you want, aging supermodel Carol Alt.
1.2sMAN: Carol, come in here!
2.34sThey're saying your name on The Family Man!
1.07s- CAROL: What? - MAN: Huh?
1.17s- CAROL: What? - MAN: Huh?
1.77sCAROL: What? MAN: I forget.
3.34sAnd besides, Brian, the evidence is all right in front of your nose.
2.77s(LAUGHING) That's hilarious, New Brian.
2.27sNow do your impression of Punky Brewster's father.
1.23s(IN DEEP VOICE) Punky...
2.6sPunky, you have a dog named Brandon.
2.17sHi. I'm Carol Alt for PoliGrip.