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1.8sHey, Brian, I went out for a run this morning,
1.1sand I found this stick.
1.07sI thought you might like it.
1.4sWow. Thanks a lot.
2.1sAnd I got you this bag of weed.
2.57sI don't smoke it myself, but I sure won't judge you.
1.17sGosh, thanks.
2.37sCheck you later, handsome guy.
2.54sWell, you know, I wasn't sure about this new dog thing at first,
2.47sbut I gotta tell you, he's a really terrific guy.
2.94sYou poor damn fool. What?
2.3sYou have no idea what's going on here.
2.9sHe's not just a delightful new friend for the family.
1.17sHe's your replacement.
1.7sCome on, that's ridiculous.
1.87sYou're getting old, Brian, and they know it.
2.67sYou're no longer the cover girl. Look at Carol Alt.
1.9sThat's what... You're Carol Alt.
1.43sI'm through listening to you.
2.4sFine. Think what you want, aging supermodel Carol Alt.
1.2sMAN: Carol, come in here!
2.34sThey're saying your name on The Family Man!