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3sHey, Meg, I know how you like to let off steam once in a while,
1.13sso I got you a journal.
1.77sYou got me a journal?
3.64sActually, I got you two of them, my right ear and my left ear.
1.3sFire away.
2.37sDear Diary, today at the school library,
5.14sI saw a picture in National Geographic of a woman with nipples that cover most of her breasts, too.
2.37sAnd, suddenly, I didn't feel so alone.
1.6sYou know what it sounds like to me?
4.04sSounds like the woman in that picture was pretty beautiful.
1.73sAll right, I'll see you at dinner.
2.2sThink fast! Wow! Deodorant!
1.37sAre you sure I'm old enough?
1.37sI think so.
2.87sI'm gonna make you a little less gross every day.
2.87sHey, New Brian. You have a guitar!
2.4sYep. In fact, I wrote a new song today.
1.4sAnd I want to hear what you think of it.
2.07sWhere did you find the time for that?
3.37sPeter, inspiration doesn't have a schedule.
2.67sI don't like fancy learnin' books
2.44sI don't like apple tarts