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4.87s"And that is why I killed myself, chopped myself up "and put myself in the garbage."
1.7sWow, he must've had some demons.
2.5sMy God, suicide.
2.3sHow could we have misjudged him so severely?
2.3sOftentimes, it's the ones who seem the happiest.
2.87sWell, the upside is, at least we have our old Brian back.
3.8sFrom now on, buddy, you're the only animal I care about.
3.27sHey, everybody, I'm Bernie the hamster.
1.73sWould you like to be my friend?
1.63sOh, my God!
2.03sIt's okay, Peter.
1.97sOh, my God. Oh, my God, it's a hamster!
4.67s(WATER RUNNING) We'll talk about it when you want to talk about it.
4.87sI don't blame you. I don't blame you.