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1.2sThis is my home.
1.33sNobody likes you here, man.
2.64sWell, I disagree. I think everybody likes me.
1.13sNo, we don't.
2.44sWe don't like your cooking, your stupid karaoke nights,
3.17sand we especially don't like the way you hump that chair in the den.
2.37sWell, Rupert seems to like my humping.
1.6sWhat did you say? Rupert.
1.94sHumped him for two hours yesterday.
1.87sHe just laid there and took it.
1.77sDid he? Yeah.
3.84sAnd now every time you're sleeping with him, he's gonna be thinking of me.
4.87s"And that is why I killed myself, chopped myself up "and put myself in the garbage."
1.7sWow, he must've had some demons.
2.5sMy God, suicide.
2.3sHow could we have misjudged him so severely?
2.3sOftentimes, it's the ones who seem the happiest.
2.87sWell, the upside is, at least we have our old Brian back.
3.8sFrom now on, buddy, you're the only animal I care about.