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1.53sDoes this get fixed with ice or heat?
1.03sIce now, heat later.
2.87sI'm Glenn Quagmire, and this is "Bee Bush."
2.1sJOE: All right, what did you do to yourself, Quagmire?
3.17sWell, I just covered my entire private area with honey.
1.33sNow we're just waiting for the bees.
2.3s(CHUCKLES) Giggity.
1.7sAll right, here they come!
4.14s(BUZZING) Okay. Okay, they're on there. Let's just...
2sNobody move.
3.5sAll right? Nobody do nothing. Don't want to make them mad.
3.57s(AIR HORN BLOWS) (ALL LAUGH) Stop it! Stop it! Knock it off!
2.04sYeah, we wouldn't want the bees to get mad.
1.4sI hate you, bees! I hate you, bees!
1.27sStop it! Stop it! Knock it off! I hate you, bees!
1.03sI hate you, bees! I hate you, bees!
1.23sNo, serious! Stop! Stop!
1.23s- I hate you, bees! I hate you, bees! - Stop!
0.6sAll right, that's enough, that's enough.
1.1sGet 'em off.
1.27sGet 'em off. Put them back in the hive!
1.23sYeah, all right, enough is enough.
1.43sCleveland, open the hive.
1.97sAll right, Quagmire, bring 'em over here.