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3.64sAs long as he's a part of that family, there's no place for me.
1.27sWell, I can't say I blame you.
1.84sI hate him as much as you do, Brian.
3.94sHe's a bad fit, like a crocodile at an alligator rally.
2.74sYeah! Lurking in the water with our eyes poking out!
1.57sYeah! Yeah!
2.57sSneaking up on a crane or an egret and snapping our jaws on it!
1.5sYeah! Yeah!
6.34sAnd sometimes walking out onto a dry plain or dusty field because it's nice to get out of the swamp now and then!
0.97s- Yeah. - Yeah.
2.74sDry plain? Dusty field?
1.57sNice to get out of the swamp?
1.83sWhat a croc!
2.3sAnd that's where we get the term.
1.13sHey, New Brian.
1.87sBad news. You gotta leave.
1.17sHuh? What are you talking about?
1.2sThis is my home.
1.33sNobody likes you here, man.
2.64sWell, I disagree. I think everybody likes me.
1.13sNo, we don't.
2.44sWe don't like your cooking, your stupid karaoke nights,
3.17sand we especially don't like the way you hump that chair in the den.