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3.34s(SIGHS) That's exactly why I miss you, Brian.
3.47sForget it. I'm not going back as long as that new dog is there.
3.64sAs long as he's a part of that family, there's no place for me.
1.27sWell, I can't say I blame you.
1.84sI hate him as much as you do, Brian.
3.94sHe's a bad fit, like a crocodile at an alligator rally.
2.74sYeah! Lurking in the water with our eyes poking out!
1.57sYeah! Yeah!
2.57sSneaking up on a crane or an egret and snapping our jaws on it!
1.5sYeah! Yeah!
6.34sAnd sometimes walking out onto a dry plain or dusty field because it's nice to get out of the swamp now and then!
0.97s- Yeah. - Yeah.
2.74sDry plain? Dusty field?
1.57sNice to get out of the swamp?
1.83sWhat a croc!
2.3sAnd that's where we get the term.
1.13sHey, New Brian.
1.87sBad news. You gotta leave.
1.17sHuh? What are you talking about?
1.2sThis is my home.