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3.37sI mean, he's so damn sweet and saccharine and perfect,
2.37sand he's turning the family into a bunch of douches.
2.7sBig deal. You always told me I was a douche.
4.6sYeah, but you were my douche, Brian. My douche.
2.3sCome back and be my douche again.
2.2sHi, I'm looking for Glenn?
1.5sOh! What happened to your leg?
1.67sDamn it, Brian!
1.37sCome back home, Brian.
4.04sI tell you what. When this is all over, I'll make you some pie with a nice dollop of Cool Whip.
2.47sThere it is again. Why are you putting so much emphasis on the "H"?
3.34s(SIGHS) That's exactly why I miss you, Brian.
3.47sForget it. I'm not going back as long as that new dog is there.
3.64sAs long as he's a part of that family, there's no place for me.
1.27sWell, I can't say I blame you.
1.84sI hate him as much as you do, Brian.
3.94sHe's a bad fit, like a crocodile at an alligator rally.
2.74sYeah! Lurking in the water with our eyes poking out!
1.57sYeah! Yeah!
2.57sSneaking up on a crane or an egret and snapping our jaws on it!
1.5sYeah! Yeah!
6.34sAnd sometimes walking out onto a dry plain or dusty field because it's nice to get out of the swamp now and then!