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3.57s(ALL LAUGH) In what way is that a joke?
1.87sOkay, you start.
1.13sAll right. I don't know...
1.3sAm I blue or am I red? This is crazy.
1.34sYou're blue. You're blue.
1.53sOkay, I'll do it, then.
4sSummer lovin' had me a blast
3.57sSummer lovin' happened so fast
3.84sI met a girl, that's you, crazy for me
4sI met a boy, he's as cute as can be
2.84sSummer days driftin' away Summer days driftin' away
2.6sTo uh-oh those summer nights To uh-oh those summer nights
2.2sOh, well-a, well-a, well-a, uh
1.77sTell me more, tell me more
2.6sThanks for letting me stay here, Glenn. I hope I'm not in the way.
4.97sNo, no, it should be fine. But, listen, Brian,
2.7sI'm gonna be bringing a Puerto Rican girl over here later.
2.67sAnd she's super hot and real nice,
5.5sbut when she was five years old, her dad ran over one of her legs with his van,