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2.04s(LAUGHS) Oh, no. Oh, boy.
2.04sAll right, well, I can't do this alone.
2.27sLois, I'm gonna need your help here.
2.9sOh, my God. Okay.
2.7sRita Coolidge's less-talented sister here.
3.57s(ALL LAUGH) In what way is that a joke?
1.87sOkay, you start.
1.13sAll right. I don't know...
1.3sAm I blue or am I red? This is crazy.
1.34sYou're blue. You're blue.
1.53sOkay, I'll do it, then.
4sSummer lovin' had me a blast
3.57sSummer lovin' happened so fast
3.84sI met a girl, that's you, crazy for me
4sI met a boy, he's as cute as can be
2.84sSummer days driftin' away Summer days driftin' away