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1.3sI wonder where he is.
0.93sHe's next door with Cleveland.
1.07sI saw him on my morning paper route.
2.03sYou know, I appreciate you letting me stay with you,
3.24sbut I'm perfectly capable of going to the bathroom by myself.
2.4sSorry, but there's a leash law in this neighborhood,
1.77sand you never know who's watching.
5.34s(EVIL LAUGH) I'm watching you make stool.
2.7sHey, New Brian. I see you're having pie.
3.8sYou know, pie isn't really pie without Cool Whip.
3.24sEverything's better with Cool Whip.
2.07sDid you hear what I said? Yeah. What about it?
2.1sIt doesn't bother you the way I pronounce it?
1.97s- Cool Whip? - No. Why would it?