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1.79sHey, four-eyes, vote Quimby.
1.94sHey, beard-o, vote Quimby.
2.3sThis time he's the lesser of two evils.
2.6sUh, yeah, yeah. I love "Grimby."
3.67sUh, could I have some more bumper stickers, please, dude?
2.92sAll right!
4.04sThe mummy's ready for his mystical journey!
4.15sAaah! What's happening?
2.59sThat Quimby fella promised to build us...
3.77sa Matlock Expressway!
2.74sHow you gonna top that, smart guy?
1.93sHmm, well, how's this?
1.87sI'll not only build the expressway,
2.37sI will spend the remainder of this afternoon...
2.9spatiently listening to your interminable anecdotes.
3.27sHot diggety damn! Me first!
2.34sNot many people know I owned...
3sthe first radio in Springfield.
2.27sWeren't much on the air then.
5.24sjust Edison reciting the alphabet over and over.