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3.34sKudos for bringing the public back to the Republican Party.
3.7sIt's high time people realized we conservatives aren't all johnny-hatemongers...
3.27sand Charlie-Bible-thumps or even, God forbid,
2.03sGeorge Bushes.
2.15sThat sounds like Sideshow Bob!
0.37sYes, ma'am.
4.4sSideshow Bob yakking it up on the old Yak-box.
4.2sDad, I'll spare you the embarrassment of admitting you don't know who Sideshow Bob is.
3.02sSideshow Bob used to be Krusty the Clown's sidekick.
4.07sBut in 1990, he framed Krusty for armed robbery, and Bart got him put in jail.
2.57s- Uh-huh. - When he got out, he married Aunt Selma...
4.14sand tried to murder her. Oh, Side show Bob!
2.64sBart, your mortal enemy is on the radio!
5.34sIt's time for more deeee-mentia with Dr. Demento!
3.72s- Aah! - And now, the Funny Five--
2.64sI meant your other mortal enemy,
1.77sSideshow Bob.
3.14sSideshow Bob?