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2.87swho, if you go somewhere with him, no one says he's crummy.
2.64sI think I deserve that once in life.
4.05sBe careful with that Adlai, Leela. He's a doctor. They're very poor.
2.62s- Actually, most doctors are rich. - What?
3.74sWhen did this happen? You're joking, right? That's not funny!
2.6sOkay, they got everything you need here.
1.94sBooze, a couple of peanuts--
3.37sThey got a crapper in the back. That's one of the things you kids do, right?
2.13sYeah! Then knock yourself out.
3.87sHey! Hey! Only eat and drink enough to barely keep yourselves alive.
2.57sI'm tryin' to make a profit here.
3.1sDaddy, Bethany's hitting me!
2.14s- These kids yours? - Yeah.
3.47sOoh. I'm attracted to a man with responsibility.
3.1sThat's me, baby. Let me just ditch the kids in an alley,
2.74sand we can go have some fun.