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2.07sCould one of you guys get that?
2.2sIt's a doorbell baby!
3.87sHello, little guy. You know, I was abandoned as a baby too.
2.44s- So-- - Garbage, huh? I'll take care of it.
2.17sBender, stop!
2.94s- It's a baby! - A baby what? Ow!
3.87sOh, it's just a card! From the orphanarium I grew up in.
4.24sOh! Leela, you're invited to a reunion...
3.77sat Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium.
2.57sPlease stand clear of self-destructing basket.
4.54sA reunion at your old orphanarium, eh?
2.87s- You gonna go? - No way, josÉbot.
2.1sI never want to see those other orphans again.
2.77sNot after the way they used to pick on me.
3sOne Eye, One Eye, One Eye!