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2.84sNo, it's called "parenting."
3.89sCome on, dumplings. We've got 12 government stipends to collect!
2.89sYea! Our daddy's a giant toy!
2.77sPhaser eye surgery is a capital idea.
4.59sI'm sure Leela's tired of morons gaping at her eye all the time.
2.2sI think cosmetic surgery's great, Leela.
3.54sI used to be too cute, so I had cuteness reduction surgery.
2.28sHere and here.
2.83sYou guys are crazy. Leela doesn't need surgery.
4.22sYou look great the way you are. Oh, that's so sweet, Fry.
2.49sBut for once in my life, I just want to look normal.
2.67sBut you're better than normal. You're abnormal.