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1.93sI can give her an operation to make her acceptable.
4.09sShe doesn't need an operation! She's fine the way she is.
2.35sOh, and I suppose you were fine the way you were?
0.54sDamn right I was!
2.44sShut up, Fry. Now, look, Adlai.
4.61sI'm proud to be different. And I just wish I'd realized that when I was her age.
2.45sI also have a tail!
3.79sNow, take me to the hospital and put my eye back the way it was. Right now!
2.29sWhy should I do that? Listen, buddy.
3.54sBy the end of the day, one of us is gonna have one eye!
2.97sIn recognition of Bender's generous gift...
4.09sof 12 orphans and a government check for 1,200 wing-wangs,
2.72sI hereby rename this building...