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3.87sYou know, doing this jigsaw puzzle of a pacifier factory...
2.5smakes me want to have children with you all the more.
1.93sAdlai, I was thinking.
3.37sSince we're both orphans, maybe we should adopt a child.
2.84sAdoption? Yes, that's acceptable.
4.4sHeck, it's more than acceptable, it's adequately satisfactory.
2.65sHello? Imperial Dragon Restaurant?
2.84sI've got a herd of you-know-whats for sale.
1.83sLet me check.
2.99sOh, aren't you a cutie?
1.97sAbout 35 pounds.
2.18sHi, Bender. We'd like to adopt a child.
2.07sWell, you've come to the right place.
3.9sBecause Honest Bender's Orphanarium means discount orphans.
4.2sNow, little lady, what do I have to do to send you home with 12 orphans today?
2.8sUh, I'm afraid we only want one. Whatever you say, chief.
2.1sI'll show you what I got in stock.
2.23sI remember this from when we were kids.