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2.94sI am trying. I've been taking lessons.
2sLessons? Oh, that's rich!
3.64sIsn't it time you gave up all hope of ever improving yourself in any way?
2.6sI know I should, but I just can't.
2.42sRemember when I had those stomach worms that made me smart?
2.77sI could play the holophonor, and it made Leela like me.
3.6sHey, Bender, as long as you know, I have a holophonor recital Tuesday.
2.87sI'd really like to have somebody there. Please?
2.97sFine. I'll go already.
2.8sYou know, sometimes I wish your real parents were still alive.
0.48sNot often though.
3.12sWhoa-oh-oh-- Hey!
2.2sUh, hello, Mrs. Mellonger. Hello, Philip.
2.45sAnd you must be Mr. Bender.
4.49sPhilip's told me so much about you. Is it true that you're a robot?