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2.84sto replace these bony hot dogs.
3.34sGrabby and Squeezy? Never! I love these guys!
2.89sWell, is there anything else you would part with?
2.9sNo! Nothin'! Ain't gonna happen.
4.19sYes! With this built-in stadium air horn I can really annoy people!
3.1sAnd all it cost me was my crotch plate.
3.8sYou certainly are a shrewd businessman, Bender.
2.67sNow find someone and give 'em a good blast.
4.1sYeah! That'll teach the first person I see a lesson.
4.39sAh, my ridiculously circuitous plan is one quarter complete.
2.17sWell, Fry's opera premieres tomorrow night.