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2.1sHello? Hello? I'll take eight.
2.34sA Mr. Hedonismbot to see you.
0.43sUh, show him in.
2.21sVery good, sir.
2.84sOh, Fry, congratulations!
2sYour latest performance was as delectable...
2.13sas dipping my bottom over and over...
3.3sinto a bath of the silkiest oils and creams.
2.65sThank you, sir. That's exactly what I was going for.
4.76sYou are the sole diversion in what has been a pale and unamusing season.
4.3sAnd so I would fain commission you write an opera.
0.38sBut I've never written an opera.
3.74sAnd I've never heard one.
2.87sStill, if you can keep me amused through the overture,
2.8sI shall consider it a smashing success.
2.19sBut I wouldn't even know what to write about.