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4.47sNow, wouldn't it be nice if you had a pair of robot hands to replace them?
3.44sSure would. Oh, well, good-bye.
1.94sFry, you smelly idiot.
3.04sI think he's willin' to make some kind of deal with the devil with you.
1.92sH-H-He is? Great!
2.05sWait. What's the catch?
0.37sNo catch.
3.37sI'll merely pick a robot at random from somewhere in the universe,
2.07sprobably one you've never even met,
3.09sand then I'll remove his hands and switch them for yours!
3.69sIt's just the sort of guy I am. What do you say?
3.3sWell, I don't know. It doesn't seem entirely moral to--
2.1sFry, if you don't take this offer right now,
2.24sI will lose all respect for you and punch you.