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3.94sI used to listen for hours while he sat naked on my couch and improvised.
2.97sSo, musicians really Rodger your Hammerstein, huh?
1.94sYeah. It's weird.
2.1sSean was uneducated, unambitious--
2.47s- He was pasty and hunched-- - Pretty boy.
3.74sBut when he played, I could sense this incredible,
2sbeautiful, creative soul.
3.87sThen one day, I found someone else's couch fibers on his butt.
2.03sI couldn't believe that--
2.77sThat could be my beautiful soul sitting naked on her couch,
2.14sif I could just learn to play this stupid thing.
1.93sOh, but you can.
3.4sThough you may have to metaphorically make a deal with the devil.
1.9sAnd by devil, I mean Robot Devil.
2.95sAnd by metaphorically, I mean get your coat.