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2.07sSo, you know, if there's anything you wanna talk about...
1.73sOh, don't worry, Brian.
5.91sI'll admit this is an emotional time for me but you and I are married and that's the way it's gonna stay.
5.34sSo, uh, any possibility of tonight being the night we finally push the beds together.
1.33sGood night, Brian.
1.84sCome on.
1.33sJeez, enough with that already.
1.77sYou're like a dog with a bone.
2.57sTell me about it. I'll be in the basement.
1.1sDoin' what?
1.17s(Brian) What do you think?
2.57sWow, Joe, where did you get the new legs?
3.74sTransplant. They belonged to a death row inmate who got the chair.
2.84sUnfortunately for me, he was also a paraplegic.
1.7sGuys, I don't know what I'm gonna do.