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1.43sI love you both.
2.33sSo, sorry. I'll always love you.
1.93s(MAN On T.V.) We now return to Gilmore Girls.
1.67sMom, I need to talk to you about Dean.
1.5sWhich Dean? Howard Dean, James Dean or Jimmy Dean.
1.37sToo old, too dead, and too fattening.
1.53sYou don't have to tell that to my thighs.
1.5sCan you ask your thighs if they borrowed my Gap capris?
1.87sThey did not and are insulted that you've asked such a thing.
2.84sAs insulted as Kitty Kelley when people accuse her of taking liberties with her best-selling tell-alls.
1.33sAlmost. Wanna make out? Absolutely not.
2.5s- Oh, you're so lying. - I so am.
2.5sOh, honey, how was your day? Did you catch any fish?
2.27sNo, but I caught this turtle. Named him Terence.
2.87sThen killed him, and hollowed him out into an ashtray for Stewie.
2sPeter, we have a family to feed.
1.93sWe all count on you to provide for us.
1.83sI know, and I feel terrible.
3.5sI must look like a bigger loser than when I was on that game show.
2.74s(MAN) And now, back to America's favorite game show,