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3.04sThis is just like that sitcom where there's 2 dads.
1.77sExcept nobody's laughing.
1.8sNo, wait, it's the same.
1.73sYou--You married Brian?
2.17sPeter, remember. We thought you were dead.
2.7sI needed help and Brian was there.
3.27sHe even took a job sellin' cars to keep the family afloat.
2.93sWell, just get a divorce and everything will be back to normal.
1.9sOh, It's not that easy.
1.83sWhat am I supposed to tell Brian?
2.37sThanks for savin' our family, now scram.
2.4sAnd besides, he's been great with the kids.
2sI mean, Chris is doing better in school.
3.4sAnd Meg even went on a date with the announcer from the Super Friends.
2.34sMeanwhile, under Meg Griffin's bra.
2.33sFine, Fine. I can see I'm not wanted here.
1.93sMaybe I'll just find my own place.
3sOh, Peter. I just feel terrible about this.
2.87sI don't need your sympathy. I don't need anything.
4.34sYou know what? Maybe I'll just go take up my old job as a construction worker in New York.
2.27sAlthough I never did get the cat callin' right.