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1.94sPeter, we'd given up hope.
3.13sI can't tell you how happy I am that you're alive.
1.4sOh, come here, sweetheart.
2.94sWait, Peter. There's something you should know.
4.57sI'm not quite sure how to tell you this, but I got remarried.
2.97sIt was a very difficult time and he was there for us.
1.8sWhat the hell... Who was there for you?
1.37sHoney, I'm home.
1.67sPeter, you're alive.
3.04sThis is just like that sitcom where there's 2 dads.
1.77sExcept nobody's laughing.
1.8sNo, wait, it's the same.
1.73sYou--You married Brian?
2.17sPeter, remember. We thought you were dead.
2.7sI needed help and Brian was there.
3.27sHe even took a job sellin' cars to keep the family afloat.
2.93sWell, just get a divorce and everything will be back to normal.
1.9sOh, It's not that easy.
1.83sWhat am I supposed to tell Brian?
2.37sThanks for savin' our family, now scram.