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2.03sYeah. See, now this is why I didn't say anything.
1.5sI knew you were gonna get like this.
1.44sWhat the hell is wrong with you?
2.6sLook, Look, Joe, I, Joe-- You've been eating me!
2.07sOk, you know what. Let's just agree to disagree.
1.07sHey, guys. There's an island.
1.83s(Peter) Oh, thank goodness.
1.87sOh, wow. I feel like an explorer.
2.67sJust like my ancestor, Ponce de Leon Griffin.
3.3sThere it is boys, the Fountain of Youth. Just like I told you.
2.14sWell, that was worth the 8-year boat ride.
5.4sWe gather today to remember those brave quahog men who were lost at sea.
2.67sThe Bible declares an eye for an eye.
3.87sSo, let us now take our vengeance on this murderous ocean.
2.97sYou won't be hurting anyone anymore.
2sI just can't believe he's gone.